Waxing Services

Please advise your Esthetician prior to your appointment if you are using Retin A, Accutane, or any other product that may result in skin sensitivity.

Eyebrow - $15

Upper Lip - $10

Chin - $10

Sideburns - $12

Full Face - $40

Underarm - $20+

Bikini - $30

Full Brazilian - $65+

1/2 Leg - $30

Full Leg - $60

1/2 Arm - $30

Full Arm - $50

Chest - $30

Stomach - $30

Back - $50


Makeup Services

Full Session - $60 (60-90 min.) 

Mini Session - $40 (30-40 min.)


Bridal Session - $75

Brow Tint - $25

Facial Services

Signature Radiance Facial -  $85 (65 min.) This heavenly facial is designed to not only soften and smooth your skin, but help you slip into a dreamy state with a scalp, neck and arm massage. Your facial will begin with a thorough cleansing followed by an enzyme peel or gentle exfoliation to polish away impurities. Steam is applied prior to extraction to clear congestion and reveal a fresh complexion. You will finish the treatment feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Moisture Drench Facial -     $95 (65 min.) Has your skin ever felt moisture-deprived? Does it feel tight and sensitive? If so, this is the treatment for you! We will begin with a gentle hydrating cleanser to soothe and soften your skin followed by an enzyme treatment to dissolve the dead skin on the surface. Your skin will be massaged with a serum to deeply hydrate at the cellular level.  A rich mask is then applied to deeply nourish the skin. Your treatment will end with a specialized serum and creamy moisturizer to hydrate and soften along with and a gentle arm and shoulder massage to relax the body.

Clarifying Facial -                  $85 (60 min.) This facial utilizes purifying enzymes to exfoliate dead skin cells and help to clear acneic complexions and deeply clogged pores.  Antibacterial astringents and a specialized mask will be applied to help clear the complexion from the inside out. Extractions will be done as needed and depending on skin sensitivity. A light serum, gel or moisturizer with help protect your skin against environmental stressors. This facial is effective and customized for either teenage or adult acne. For best results, it is recommended to do a series of clarifying facial treatments.

Brighten & Refine Anti-Age Facial - $105 (65 min.) This skin revitalizing treatment is designed to help restore sun damaged skin and reverse the signs of premature aging while smoothing wrinkles and strengthening skin elasticity. This unique facial brightens and plumps the complexion with Micro-Retinol technology, Vitamins C and E, and Hyaluronic Acid.  Your facial includes a relaxing shoulder and arm massage. This treatment is not recommended for sensitive or acneic skin types.

Rosacea Facial -                       $95 (60 min.) This is the ultimate soothing facial for those with constant redness and irritation. Your skin will be treated with anti-inflammatory extracts and/or creams.  A cooling mask will help calm and soothe the skin.  Your facial will end with a delicate arm and shoulder massage.

Back Treatment -                       $85 (55 min.) This treatment is targeted to relieve dry, itchy build-up do to hard-to-reach areas of the back and/or back acne. You will get a deep cleanse and exfoliation followed by extractions and purification mask or hydrating mask. MicroExfoliation or a chemical peel can be added to your back treatment for an additional charge. *See Add-On Services

Men's Balancing Facial -           $85 (60 min.) This facial is customized to help rebalance and nourish the skin.  Deep cleansing and exfoliation will aid in smoothing and brightening the complexion while extractions will clear the pores of impurities. An ultra-relaxing facial massage followed by a mask and moisturizer ideal for your skin type helps you unwind. The facial ends with a relaxing scalp massage.

Add-On Services

At the time of booking, please request you add-on services to ensure enough time is allocated for your treatment

Chemical Peel - $50 ($30 if added to a Facial)               Chemical Peels are very efficient in cleaning the outer most layer of skin to smooth and refine to allow for better penetration of products. A variety of chemical peels are offered to treat the specific needs of the skin. This can be done alone or with a facial treatment. For better results, it is recommended to add this treatment to your facial.

  • Lactic - Designed to treat mild pigmentation in a comfortable manner without excess peeling. This results in a brighter and more hydrated complexion. Your esthetician will recommend the proper strength for your skin.

  • Mandeliclear - This peel combines the strength of a Jessner’s with the lightening properties of Mandelic acid to target pigmentation related to sun damage or acne, while also targeting fine lines and wrinkles.


MicroExfoliation - $50 ($30 if added to a Facial)                This crystal free exfoliation removes the topmost layer of skin, leaving it more supple and vibrant, while allowing your skincare products to penetrate deeper to treat the skin effectively.

The NewApeel Skin Resurfacing System removes this layer by gently exfoliating the skin with natural diamond chips bonded to the tip of the wand, while vacuuming the exfoliated skin cells away in a controlled manner. Removing this outer layer leaves a smoother texture and promotes the growth of healthy new skin.

MicroExfoliation can treat face, neck, hands, back, legs, elbows and feet. This is a non-invasive treatment that requires no down time produces extremely effective results. This can be done alone or with a facial treatment. For optimal results, it is recommended to add this treatment to your facial.

Eye Treatment - $25               Add this treatment to any facial service for a brighter and firmer eye area. This will create better circulation around the eye area to help reduce dark circles and puffiness.